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The purpose of this page is to provide basic information about article layouts as they apply to the Huntik Wiki. Using consistent layouts for articles helps to organize information and to make the pages easier to navigate. There will be a few predominant sections that will be detailed per layout.


The type of Infobox that should be used should reflect the particular topic of the article. The Infobox page lists the different options currently available on the Huntik Wiki. Applicable information from each template should be filled into the relevant fields; if no information exists then that field should be left blank. Each layout page will specify which infobox is typically used on that type of page.


Every article should begin with an introduction that defines the topic. The article name or appropriate synonym should begin the introductory paragraph and should be typed in bold. Other body paragraphs should begin with the appropriate heading or subheading. Commonly used headings include History, Personality, Abilities, and Synopsis. These are discussed in more depth on the individual layout pages.

Gallery Section

All gallery images much be compliant with the Gallery Policy. Images should be of decent quality and should each be significant.


Every article should be categorized as precisely as possible. Each layout page gives some suggestions as to what could be added to the different types of pages as well as any notes about categorization.

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