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Huntik: Secrets & Seekers is an Italian-based, animated series which was co-produced by Big Bocca Productions and Rainbow S.p.A. The series follows the protagonists within the Huntik Foundation as they seek to keep the world safe from evil factions such as the Organization and the Blood Spiral while looking for the missing father of Lok Lambert. Along the way, the team uncovers ancient secrets from before recorded history as well as artifacts from all over the world.

General Information


Huntik / Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

Producer: Big Bocca Productions and Rainbow S.p.A.
Original Network: Rai2, CW4Kids, Jetix, Nicktoons, Netflix
Original Run: January 3, 2009 - October 15, 2015
Episode Length: 52 episode (23 minutes each)
Description: The series is an action-adventure comedy about a group of magic-using Seekers within the Huntik Foundation which travel around the globe in search of ancient Amulets that can summon different types of creatures known as Titans and the Foundation's efforts to stop the nefarious Organization run by the Professor.
Main Characters:

Dante Vale, Den Fears, Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, Zhalia Moon, etc.

Similar Series: Chaotic, Digimon, Magi-Nation, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Availability: CITV, CW4Kids, Disney XD, Nicktoons, Netflix

Content Information

Rating: TV-PG (targeted for the 6-12 age range)
Content Labels: Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Violence: Frequent fantasy violence conducted through spells and Titans, no gore or blood
Language: Very mild
Sexual Themes and Nudity: None
Drugs and Alcohol: None
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: None

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