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In some cases, figuring out a Titan's base stats is a very easy task. In other cases, doing so can become much more difficult. The primary sources for Titan information include episodes from the series, cards from the TCG, and issues from the comics. In many cases, this can lead to conflicting information. The following guidelines are intended to facilitate this process as well as to ensure a bit of consistency within the Huntik Wiki.


When Titan stat information is presented in the Huntik: Secrets & Seekers series, whether in an episode or on an official source such as or, that information should be held as the primary information. Only if a Titan's information was not included within the series, then TCG and comic information should be used.

Lowest Stats Policy

When dealing with Titans whose stats only appeared in the Huntik Trading Card Game, the policy of the Huntik Wiki is to use the lowest set of stats. The reasoning behind doing so is to get as close to the base, or starting, stats of the Titan prior to training with its Seeker.

Erroneous Information

Please bear in mind that the TCG is known to be fraught with erroneous information. If a set of stats does not make sense, then it may have been an error on the part of Upper Deck. Possibly erroneous information will be dealt with on the Huntik Wiki on a case-by-case basis.

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