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The following is a list of things that should be done to further the Huntik Wiki's progress. Basic things that could help the progress of the Huntik Wiki can be to reorganize content, translate articles, etc.

In addition to regular maintenance and editing, other larger projects may be mentioned here as well.

The following list may be edited by any user if there's something that needs to be done.


  • Add copyright licensing and original source information all new images
  • Rewrite copied articles to resolve plagiarized content



  • Remove borders from official stock art images (Titan, Amulet, Icon, etc.)
  • Convert official Titan stock art and Infobox images to a 287:351* aspect ratio
  • Convert Titan icon images to 1:1* (square) aspect ratio
  • Transition away from including apostrophes in file names via file redirects
  • Update licensing information on all files for more specificity
  • Add episode source for all screenshot images

* Aspect ratio refers to the ratio of width-to-height. Files may be used which have any such equivalent ratio.

Quotes / Appearance Pages

Episode / Source Pages

  • Add detailed plot to episode pages
  • Add webisode information, if possible
  • Add any information from the Adventure Games, if possible

TCG Pages

  • Add additional redirects to the TCG pages (SAS remaining)
  • TCG Playing Strategies (Titan cards and other cards)
  • Create pages for card-only Titans / characters / spells
  • Complete Category:TCG pages

Site maintenance

Project: Suits

  • Expand information on Suits/Sandbox in order to add pages or sections for different Suit teams and individuals
  • Organize Suit info and add to Suits for publication

The Huntik Project

  • Help other-language Huntik Wikis with content / translations where possible
    (Check with individual Wiki administration before changing their article formatting or their templates, please)
  • Assist the Polish Huntik Wiki in verifying Titan stats
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.