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Holotome Profile: Ignatius
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 3
Type Meso-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Height 10 feet 6 inches
Weight 1,550 pounds
Special Ability Burn
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
First Appearance "The Legacy of Thor"

Ignatius is a Titan based on the element of fire. It is similar to a moving body of lava which is always ablaze. It can get incredibly hot, and produce great amounts of light. Both Dante Vale and Kiel possess an Ignatius Amulet.


Ignatius Titans are incredibly common in Chile, as they commonly appear around the volcanoes, but are rare to see outside of Chile. Apparently, when a weak Seeker tried to summon an Ignatius, the Seeker lost control, and the Ignatius rampaged. It took three water-based Titans to extinguish the flames and defeat the Ignatius.

Dante's Ignatius

Ignatius was brought specially on a mission to Iceland by Dante, where it was used to melt Ymir's Ice Creature army. Dante later used it together with Lok's Kipperin to make a ring of fire in the air in order to help form the Rainbow Bridge to Thor's temple. S1E07

While infiltrating Klaus' bookshop, Dante called upon Ignatius again. This time, Ignatius was used to burn away a swarm of Mutant Flying Spiders created by Klaus, while Dante and his team were protected by the spell Chillskin. S1E16

Ignatius was summoned yet again for a fight against the Professor due to being immune to Araknos' mind control. However, the Professor summoned his Titan, Nordrake, who proceeded to defeat and send Ignatius back to his Amulet. S1E26

Whilst exploring Cortés' Vault with Metagolem, Dante invoked Ignatius to defend him from Hernán Cortés' traps. S2E41

Upon arriving at the Castle of Vlad Dracul, Dante summoned Ignatius to stop Tantras from gaining the power of the Heart of Vlad Dracul. By using Copykind, Dante used Ignatius' burn ability to distract Tantras and defeat Powerbonded Antedeluvian. S2E43

Kiel's Ignatius

Another Ignatius Titan was used by Kiel when attempting to steal the secrets of the Casterwill family from Focauld Casterwill. It fought against LeBlanche's Albion before being sent by his Amulet by an energy wave from the Huntik jet's power amplifier. S2E37


Ignatius are capable of creating and controlling fire, and are always ablaze. This grants them immunity, or a certain protection from some attacks. He also has a certain physical strength. He can breathe fire, which is capable of destroying hoards of small insects S1E16. Being made of fire, he is also immune to Araknos´ mind controlling webs. S1E26

Design History

Ignatius' original concept was a stout Titan composed entirely of molten rock with an orange and red glow through his cooler stone shell. Because Ignatius was not intended to be an aggressive Titan, he was given a more rotund, softer appearance in order to look less mean.


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  • His summoning commands are "Burn," "Invoke," and "Incinerate."
  • Ignatius is based on the Latin word ignitus which means "to set on fire."
  • In Episode 24, "The Secret of Two Generations," Caliban's icon and Amulet were erroneously depicted when Dante invokes Ignatius.