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Holotome Profile: Ironsquire
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 4
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Defender
Series Information
Users Clements
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "The Legendary Titan of Fate"

Ironsquire is an orange and steel-blue robotic Titan that is closely related to Freelancer. Bearing a large shield, Ironsquire specializes in defense. This Titan is used by Lok Lambert.


Clements' Ironsquire was possessed and controlled by Arc, along with his other Titans. The Titans began to attack civilians until being stopped by Dante Vale's team. S2E34


Ironsquire is a mighty knight, specializing in the defense of his Seekers. He is especially useful for defending against multiple opponents. His giant shield is used to block high even power attacks such as Overslam and Kindlestrike.


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  • The summoning command is "Charge."
  • Ironsquire's name and appearance are based on the English words iron, a metal heavily used by Europeans until the development of steel, and squire, the apprentice of a knight.
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