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Holotome Profile: Ironsquire
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 4
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Defender
Series Information
Users Clements
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "The Legendary Titan of Fate"

Ironsquire is an amber and steel-blue robotic Titan that is closely related to Freelancer. Bearing a large shield, Ironsquire specializes in defense. This Titan is used by members of the Huntik Foundation, notably Lok Lambert and Clements.


Clements' Ironsquire

Clements' Ironsquire was possessed and controlled by Arc, along with his other Titans, Freelancer and Hoplite. After initially defeating Lok's Freelancer, Ironsquire fought against Powerbonded Baselaird who chipped his shield. Lok then used the Willblade on the chip to destroy Ironsquire's shield rendering him defenseless to be defeated by Sophie Casterwill's Sorcerel. S2E34

Lok's Ironsquire

Lok Lambert invoked his Ironsquire on the roof of the Cloisters, USA, to fight against a pair of Casterwill Hunters where he was attacked by Midnight Rook. Ironsquire then fought against Dark Pharaoh, with the two Titans eventually defeating each other after colliding at full speed. S2E37

Lok summoned Ironsquire in the vault of the Fortress of Iron Will to fight alongside Sophie's Sorcerel against the fear monsters generated by the Trial of Courage. After fending off a number of the creatures, Ironsquire was defeated. S2E39

Lok later used Ironsquire during the war against the Blood Spiral at the foot of Iron Will where he saved Dante Vale from a group of Silent Soldiers. S2E40

Lok invoked Ironsquire on the longest night of the year to fight against Psikofen in the wreckage of the Huntik team's plane. After being disarmed of his shield, Ironsquire was entrapped along with Sophie's Kelpie in Psikofen's chains before Cherit defeated the Blood Spiral Titan. S2E49


Ironsquire is a mighty knight, specializing in the defense of his Seekers. He is especially useful for defending against multiple opponents. His giant shield is used to block high even power attacks such as Overslam and Kindlestrike.


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  • His summoning command is "Charge."
  • Ironsquire's name and appearance are based on the English words iron, a metal heavily used by Europeans until the development of steel, and squire, the apprentice of a knight.