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Holotome Profile: Janus Knight
Janus Knight
Base Stats
Attack 6
Defense 3
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Height 10 feet.9 inches
Weight 1,560 pounds.
Series Information
First Appearance SAS-037

Janus Knight is large Draco-Titan who rides a dark-coated steed and is heavily armed with two broadswords.


Janus Knight once guarded castles in the era of Camelot and defeated evil knights. SAS-037


Janus Knight can use his two mighty broadswords to defeat enemies as he used them to defeat evil knights. This Titan rides a horse allowing him to travel swiftly into battle.


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  • Janus Knight shares his name with the Roman god Janus, who watched over doors and the beginning and end of years, after whom the month of January was named.
  • The original Janus had two heads and would be just a statue.
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