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Holotome Profile: Joan of Arc
Joan of arc.png
Biographical Information
Aliases Jehanne
Jeanne d'Arc
Base of Operations Cavern of the Gargoyle
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Series Information
First Appearance Crawling the Catacombs (mentioned)

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc in French) was an ancient Seeker who lived in France during the 1400s. Rumor has it that her abilities were inherited from her French royal ancestors, although she was in reality born among peasants. She was plagued with visions of the future since age 12, either due to her magical abilities or the curse placed on the Ring of Arc that she used.


Joan of Arc operated from a secret base within the Cavern of the Gargoyle. From here, she kept detailed notes about the Seeker abilities of Titans and magic along with a map of the Paris Catacombs which contained the Ring of Arc. S1E05

In following her visions which began at age 12, she eventually gained permission from Count Robert de Baudricourt to visit Chinon, the location of the French court and even lead the French armies to a number of victories in the Hundred Years' War with England. These victories were key events leading to the coronation of Charles VII at Reims.

During the conflict, however, she was captured and then put on trial by the English Bishop of Beauvais, Pierre Cauchon. She was found guilty of heresy and was executed by being burned at the stake at Rouen, France, at the age of 19. Twenty-five years later, the trial was re-examined under Pope Callixtus II, and pronounced innocent as a martyr. Wikipedia