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Holotome Profile: Jodis Lore
Placeholder person
Biographical Information
Base of Operations The Golem's Attic
Prague Central Cemetery
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information
First Appearance "The Casterwill Client" (mentioned)
Last Appearance "All Work and No Pay" (mentioned)

Jodis Lore was a Seeker who controlled an Amulet of Metagolem. He hid the Amulet in Prague, Czech Republic, in the Golem's Attic behind an enchanted door.


Jodis Lore magically enchanted the Golem's Attic on the Road of Alchemists so that only his key would be able to open it. S1E02 He then hid the key in his secret room below Prague Central Cemetery. S1E03 He also left a set of notes documenting his exploration of the lost Tomb of Nefertiti. S1E14

Jodis Lore's notes on the golem were once found by Eathon Lambert and were then documented in his journal. His son, Lok Lambert, later found these notes in the journal and provided Jodis Lore's information to the Huntik Foundation S1E02


Jodis Lore is most likely based on Judah Loew, the rabbi who is said to have created the real golem of Prague

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