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Holotome Profile: Jokoul
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 3
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 4 feet 6 inches
Weight 130 pounds
Special Ability Ice Slide
Series Information
Users Koskin
The Professor
Unnamed Suit 007
Unnamed Suit 010
Unnamed Suit 011
Unnamed Suit 012
Unnamed Suit 020
First Appearance "Divide and Conquer"

Jokoul are Litho-Titans that resemble devious ice trolls of Nordic regions. These gray-skinned Titans attack through physical combat using their horns and armored claws. As a large stash of Jokoul Amulets was uncovered by Simon Judeau, these Titans are often used by members of the Organization.


In ancient history, Jokoul Titans were very common and sought after, and they were the origin of the mythological Norse winter-elf known as Jökul Frosti. One first-century Seeker, Qwitonn, was obsessed with Jokoul Titans and was known for his collection of their Amulets. After the hermit's death, the Jokoul Titans mysteriously faded from history for 2,000 years.

During exploration of the Capathian mountains, the Professor later discovered dozens of active Jokoul Titans within a cavern deep in the mountains. After a five-day conflict, the Professor succeeded in recovering the Titans' Amulets, which he then handed out to a selection of the most loyal Organization members.

Koskin's Jokoul

Another Jokoul Titan was used by Mr. Koskin to defeat a Feyone Titan. LGS-076

Suit 007's Jokoul

A Jokoul Titan was used by the gray-haired unnamed Suit 007 when the Organization attempted to acquire the Ring of Arc. Jokoul fought against Dante Vale's Caliban but was defeated by an aerial attack from Solwing. S1E06

Suit 010's Jokoul

A Jokoul Titan was used by the pink-haired unnamed Suit 010 in an attempt to ambush Lok Lambert and Dante Vale in an alley of Paris, France. Jokoul was defeated when both Seekers invoked their Freelancer Titans. S1E18

Suit 011's Jokoul

A Jokoul Titan was used by the brown-haired unnamed Suit 011 who used Strikemode to power up the Titan. SAS-125

Suit 012's Jokoul

A Jokoul Titan was used by the bald unnamed Suit 012 in the Temple of Thor. It fought against Montehue but was defeated. S1E08

Suit 020's Jokoul

While working under Grier, Unnamed Suit 020 invoked a Jokoul Titan on Sutos Island when Dante Vale's team was discovered. It fought against Lok Lambert's Freelancer. After Freelancer was defeated, Jokoul was defeated by Lindorm. S1E12

Rassimov's Suit's Jokoul

Another Jokoul Titan was used alongside Strix by a brown-haired Suit under Rassimov during the Huntik Foundation's assault on the Professor's castle. Jokoul, however, was defeated by Cherit. S1E25


Jokoul uses no weapons apart from fists, feet, and horns, and he possesses the ability to go berserk when outnumbered.


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  • Jokoul's name is based on Jökul Frosti, a winter elf whose name means "icicle frost" in Old Norse. Jökul Frosti may be the origin of the tales of Jack Frost. Jokoul's appearance may be based on the jötnar, otherwise known as Frost Giants or trolls.
or Jack Frost