Holotome Profile: Kabuki
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Yama-Titan
Special Ability Flair
Series Information
Users Teien Casterwill
First Appearance OAL-040
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Kabuki is a bleached-white Yama-Titan who wears a red kimono and has very long, black hair. Its face is painted like a kabuki performer. Kabuki's Amulet belongs to Teien Casterwill.


The Titan, Kabuki, inspired the costumes worn by Japanese kabuki theater performers, particularly the mask-like kumadori.

Kabuki's Amulet had been used by Teien Casterwill to protect Seekers within the Huntik Foundation. OAL-040


Kabuki can use his Flair ability to draw his enemies away from his Seeker or other Titans.


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  • Kabuki's name and appearance are based on the Kabuki performer.
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