Holotome Profile: Kelpie
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Gaia-Titan
Series Information
Users Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "Words from Eathon"
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Kelpie is an armored and aquatic horse-like Gaia-Titan possessing a mane and tail of water and razor-sharp fins on its legs. Though it possesses gils on its neck, it is also capable of breathing on land. Kelpie was used by Sophie Casterwill against the Blood Spiral.


Kelpie was summoned by Sophie to defeat a Silent Soldier. Kelpie was then attacked by Psikofen, who locked Keplie in chains along with Ironsquire. S2E49


Kelpie uses its razor sharp hooves and fins to attack, and it has also demonstrated to be very quick, defeating a Silent Soldier before it even had time to react.


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  • Kelpie's summoning command is "Ride on!"
  • Keplie is based on the kelpie, a Celtic spirit or fairy horse connected to water. According to Scottish lore, the kelpie was purely black or white, could take human form, and drowned its victims.
  • The Irish tales of the same entity stated it was a black horse with the ability to turn into a human in black and a large dog of the same that was also black. In addition the stories say that any who tried to ride the creature would taken on a Hellish ride that would end with their be killed through being drowned so the creature could feed upon their liver.
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