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Holotome Profile: Kerosan
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 4
Type Yama-Titan
Special Ability Dragon Burst
Series Information
First Appearance SAS-039

Kerosan is a devil-like Yama-Titan that uses her fire-based abilities to distract and to confuse her enemies. She has red skin and a devil-like tail and dons a fire-decorated kimono.


Kerosan inspired the art of fire dancing and is known to be a master of dazzling her enemies with her majestic flames. SAS-039

One Kerosan is known to be used on the side of evil. SAS-039


Kerosan's Dragon Burst ability allows her to easily send weak Titans with 1 defense back to their Amulets.


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  • Kerosan's name may have been derived from Kerosene, a highly flammable liquid used as fuel, a reference to her fire-based design.
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