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Kilthane the Black Knight is utterly loyal to his Seeker and never retreats from battle. The only Kilthane currently seen is used by Zhalia Moon, who first used it against Sophie Casterwill. The Vampire Loses Its Fangs


The armored knights of old England believed in loyalty and followed a code called chivalry that required them to be brave, honorable, and respectful.


Kilthane is a powerful brawler titan. He can use his his large blade to cut at his enemies. His shield is immensely strong for defence. Kilthane's ability is called Knight's Charge which sends him straight into battle with immense speed, strength and accuracy.

Design History

Kilthane is based on the idea of a “dark knight,” a gloomy mysterious knight who may be a friend or an enemy. He is completely covered in armor and decorated with long blades coming out of his back. Not only are these blades dangerous, but they also make him look like a spider, which adds to his creepiness. His armor is dark and gothic, and he has a long cloak that makes him look like an “evil overlord.” Even the dragon on his shield looks angry! Overall, Kilthane is supposed to look very intimidating. His enemies should run away in fear before he even gets close!


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  • Kilthane's summoning command is "Fight for your lady!"
  • His summoning command makes reference to the chivalry of Kilthane as a loyal black knight.
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