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Kilthane, the Black Knight, is utterly loyal to his Seeker and never retreats from battle. Kilthane Titans are known to be used by Zhalia Moon and Ryder, and they are worthy and mighty allies.


The armored knights of old England believed in loyalty and followed a code called chivalry that required them to be brave, honorable, and respectful.

Zhalia's Kilthane

One Kilthane Amulet is in the possession of Zhalia Moon, which she would use to fight against the Organization numerous times.  S1E03

Ryder's Kilthane

Another Kilthane Amulet is in the possession of Ryder. HC#02


Kilthane is a powerful brawler Titan. He can use his large sword-like blade to cut at his enemies. His shield is immensely strong for defense. Kilthane's ability is called Knight's Charge which sends him straight into battle with immense speed, strength and accuracy. A fine Titan warrior, Kilthane is totally covered in armor, and he is always ready for battle. According to Cherit, Kilthane is heavy enought to fight underwater.

Design History

Kilthane's appearance was based on the black knight, a mysterious knight of unknown allegiance. The long, sharp blades on his back were thought by the designers to make Kilthane appear like a spider, even though only six blades are present. He is clad in dark, gothic armor and bears a cape, giving a bit of an evil overlord appearance. Down to the detail of the dragon on his shield and his curved blade, this knight-like Titan was made to be intimidating.


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  • Kilthane's summoning commands are "Fight for your lady!" and "Kilthane, your lady calls!"
  • His summoning command makes reference to the chivalry of Kilthane as a loyal black knight.
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