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Holotome Profile: Kindlestrike
S2E50 Sophie Kindlestrike.png
Spell Information
Aura Blue
Class Stream
Series Information
Users Casterwill family
Dante Vale
First Appearance "Cave of the Casterwills"

Kindlestrike is a Casterwill family spell that creates a high-powered beam of blue energy that can stun or defeat an enemy.


The spell was used by White and Mallory as they attacked the Huntik team as they swam to the shore of England. They later used the spell to attack them in the Crystal Caves. Lok Lambert was knocked unconscious after being hit by White's Kindlestrike. S2E29

Lucas Casterwill used the spell to attack the Huntik team in the Casterwill Library. He later used it to blast Venomaster onto the roof of car. Lane then used it against Wilder's Suits. S2E31

Sophie Casterwill began using the spell in Klaus' bookshop, in order to fight the Silent Soldiers. S2E32 It then became one of her favored spells, with her using it on multiple occasions. S2E36 S2E40 S2E41

LeBlanche used the spell from a Huntik Foundation jet to hit a Casterwill Hunter. S2E37

Upon his return from the ashes, Dante Vale used Kindlestrike to fight the Betrayer in their final showdown. S2E52



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