Holotome Profile: King Basilisk
King Basilisk profile
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 3
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Height 9 feet 9 inches
Weight 990 pounds
Special Ability Stonegaze
Series Information
Users Zhalia Moon
First Appearance "Absent Heroes"
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King Basilisk is a Titan of legends as the greatest among basilisks. A normal basilisk's breath is toxic, and its gaze has the ability to turn others into stone. The same is true of King Basilisk. Its Stonegaze ability can turn others into stone, although the King Basilisk also possesses the ability to undo these effects at will.


King Basilisk inspired myths of the basilisks throughout Greece, Rome, Europe, Africa, and South America. According to the ancient Romans, it was a lizard-like creature that could kill at a distance.

King Basilisk's Amulet came to rest at Basilisk House, within a network of ancient catacombs in present-day Vienna, Austria, hidden behind a basilisk statue which was protected by a petrification trap. After being awoken by the new age of Seekers, his Amulet was acquired by Zhalia Moon once the trap was deactivated by Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill during a confrontation between the Huntik Foundation and the Organization, though bonding proved difficult. Afterwards, the Titan was used to help defeat DeFoe and his men, though the attack took longer than usual to charge. S1E09

While on a mission on Sutos Island, King Basilisk was used in the recovery of Jason's logbook and Hoplite Titans. S1E12 Later upon entering Austria, King Basilisk was used to take out an Organization helicopter. S1E16 As Zhalia's loyalties to the team and to Dante Vale were put to the test, King Basilisk was invoked to use his Stonegaze to turn Klaus to stone. S1E17

After Zhalia returned to the Huntik team after a leave of absence, King Basilisk was used to petrify several of Rassimov's Suits in Atlantis to deal a major blow to his forces within the Organization. S1E21 While in the Central Desert of Ethiopia after the Ring of Tao, King Basilisk was used to defend against the Colossi guarding King Solomon's mines. S1E23

While under attack from Shauna and Wind following a confrontation with the Professor, King Basilisk was used to defend but was unable to prevent the Amulet of Will and Eathon Lambert's journal from being taken. S1E24 Upon going to the Professor's castle, King Basilisk was invoked during a quarrel between Zhalia and Sophie over Dante's decision to hand his Legendary Titans over to the Professor. S1E25 When under attack by the Professor's Undergolems, King Basilisk again was invoked to permit Sophie and Lok to enter the invocation chamber, though King Basilisk was defeated in the process. S1E26

After the defeat of the Professor and during the search for the Willblade, King Basilisk's Stonegaze was used in an attempt to stop Wilder's men, but Divine Mirror Kagami was used by Wilder to reflect the attack and to petrify both King Basilisk and Dante. With King Basilisk then sent back to his Amulet by Hoffman's Redcap, LeBlanche allowed King Basilisk to be reinvoked, through Newlife, to bring back Dante. S2E30

Under attack from Lucas Casterwill and his team while investigating the Casterwill Library in Paris, France, King Basilisk was hidden by Zhalia's Thoughtspecter, along with Gar-Ghoul and Kilthane, in order to halt the offensive without risking damages. S2E31 As both teams formed an alliance to recover the Amulet of Void from the Organization, King Basilisk was called upon by Zhalia in order to reanimate Klaus to gain intel. S2E32 With the new threat of the Blood Spiral and their recent acolytes, King Basilisk was summoned to battle Jericho and to protect the Amulet of Vigilante. S2E33

With Zhalia being sent to infiltrate the Blood Spiral, she kept King Basilisk's Amulet but did not summon him against the Huntik Foundation. S2E43 During the battle against the Betrayer, Zhalia's need to remain incognito was overshadowed, and she invoked King Basilisk to protect the rest of Dante's team from Demigorgan, the Betrayer's Legendary Titan. However, King Basilisk was quickly defeated. S2E51


King Basilisk has an attack power of 5 and a defense power of 3. His venomous breath can be used during close combat. Thanks to his flight abilities, King Basilisk can be used for physical aerial attacks. S1E16 His Dread Stare ability is able to eliminate opposing Titans, sending them back to their Amulets. SAS-010 His other ability, Stonegaze, can incapacitate enemies by turning them into stone. S1E09 Reverting King Basilisk's Stonegaze is possible by using King Basilisk to revert the process. However, King Basilisk can, himself, be turned to stone if his gaze is reflected back on him. S2E30

Design History

King Basilisk originally was designed to look like a lizard-man with a warrior's stature. Over time, he was re-designed to be less human and more monstrous. The design finally arrived at a serpentine, lizard-like beast. He is dangerous yet intelligent, fit to be the king of Basilisks.


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  • His summoning commands are "Make them tremble" and "Put them in their place". The former later was used for Powerbonded Antedeluvian.
  • King Basilisk is based on the basilisk of European myths, a small monster known as the king of serpents whose gaze can turn other beings into stone.
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