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Holotome Profile: King Solomon
King Solomon.jpg
Biographical Information
Aliases Solomon
Relations Queen of Sheba (lover)
Base of Operations King Solomon's mines
Identifying Traits
Series Information
First Appearance The Golden Asp (mentioned)

King Solomon was an ancient Seeker who fell in love with the Queen of Sheba but the pair could never be together due to their cultural differences. He possessed many treasures and limitless gold, including the Ring of Tao, and hid them in the gold mines of Ophir given to him by Sheba.


Solomon fell in love with Sheba. According to Tersly, she gave King Solomon a gold mine where many his treasures were stored, including the Ring of Tao, the Legendary Titan of Spirit. S1E23

Sophie discovered in one of the Casterwill family tomes that King Solomon was the last known Seeker to guard the Legendary Titan of Spirit. S1E22 After reaching the entrance to Solomon's vault of treasure and dressing in King Solomon's raiment, Lok declared his feelings for Sophie by saying he didn't want them to end up like Solomon and Sheba, never getting the chance to be together. S1E23

King Solomon's crown was worn by Den Fears posing as the king during a chess game between Cherit and Lok in the courtyard of Dante Vale's house. S2E34