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Holotome Profile: Klaus' bookshop
S2E32 Klaus lab
Location Information
Type Organization Base
Levels 4 ?
Location Vienna, Austria
Series Information
Inhabitants Klaus (Formerly)
Zhalia Moon (Formerly)
Klaus' Suits
First Appearance Home Turf
Klaus' bookshop was a bookstore owned by the evil Seeker, Klaus, and served as a front for the Organization. Hidden underneath was a massive laboratory containing many of Klaus' experiments and a vault containing a vast collection of artifacts. Among the items kept here were the Bottle of Djinn, Spear of Vlad the Impaler, and the Amulet of Void. It also served as living quarters for numerous Suits and was home to Zhalia Moon growing up. The base was ultimately destroyed by the Blood Spiral.


Klaus' bookshop was his main base of operations for many years and was home to Zhalia Moon after she was adopted by Klaus. S1E16

Rassimov paid a visit to Klaus' bookstore to task Klaus with the mission of recovering Gybolg from New Grange Passage Tomb in Ireland. Klaus then called Zhalia to be his double agent and sabotage the Huntik team's mission. S1E13

After Dante Vale placed a tracking device on the Sceptre of Nefertiti which Klaus had recovered, the Huntik team followed him back to Vienna where they infiltrated his bookstore. They encountered a series of deadly traps including Klaus' mutant experimental spiders. While Sophie Casterwill and Zhalia took Basement Level 1 to find the lab records for the Bottle of Djinn, Dante, Cherit and Lok Lambert took Basement Level 2 where they discovered Zhalia's old room and a number of Klaus' experiments including the power Stopglue. After a huge battle with Klaus and his forces down in the laboratory level, Dante eventually revealed that he had come to collect the Spear of Vlad the Impaler and team made their escape. S1E16

After the appearance of the Red Comet and the return of Lucas Casterwill, whom Sophie believed to be dead, Lok and Sophie were tasked with finding the location of Void which was revealed by Wilder to be Klaus' bookstore. S2E31

After Klaus opted to help the Huntik Foundation and provide them with the passwords for his vault, the team returned to Klaus' bookstore where they faced heavy opposition from Wilder and his men. However, the team recovered Void's Amulet, they were bombarded by the arrival of the Blood Spiral, led by Rassimov. After Shauna took the Amulet from Lok, Shakrit and the Silent Soldiers destroyed the laboratory and the whole base burnt down, bring back painful memories for Sophie and saddening Zhalia to see her former home burn to ashes. S2E32


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