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"Sorry for the wait, I was distilling some rather nasty potion ingredients."
- Klaus to his Suits (Home Turf)

"There's a young agent, a protégé of mine. She's quite adept at infiltration."
- Klaus to Rassimov, speaking about Zhalia Moon (Home Turf)

"I think you know exactly what you're looking for."
- Klaus to Dante Vale (All Work and No Pay)

"I also think that you are in grave danger. Men seize them at once, Get them, Capture them in the name of The Organization."
- Klaus to Dante Vale (All Work and No Pay)

"I tend to be a very serious fellow. All of my friends tell me so"
- Klaus to Lok Lambert (All Work and No Pay)

"I have a puppet in their ranks. When they return, I'll pull her string and arrange a lovely trap."
- Klaus to his Suit, when asked about how to deal with the Huntik team (The Sceptre Deception)

"If you can, capture some of them alive for my experiments."
- Klaus to his Suits (The Sceptre Deception)

"Thank you for recovering The Sceptre Dante vale, You saved me a bit of effort."
- Klaus to Dante Vale (The Sceptre Deception)

"At your service. I am here to take the story of you annoying the Organization and put a happy ending on it, Now hand over the sceptre."
- Klaus to Dante Vale (The Sceptre Deception)

"Men stay where you are and bombard."
- Klaus to his Suits (The Sceptre Deception)

"No matter. I should thank them, With this The Organization will reign supreme."
- Klaus to his Suits about The Sceptre of Nefertiti (The Sceptre Deception)

"The boy is an interesting specimen, but I haven't forgotten about you."
- Klaus to Dante Vale, about Lok Lambert (The Bookshop Hunter)

"No more slip ups. The target is no longer only Dante Vale. His entire team must be eliminated."
- Klaus to Zhalia Moon  (The Bookshop Hunter)

"I see you're no fool, Vale. You are an ideal specimen - that is, for my lab."
- Klaus to Dante Vale (The Vampire Loses its Fangs)

"You wouldn't hurt me, Zhalia. You know, I think of you as my daughter."
- Klaus to Zhalia Moon (The Vampire Loses its Fangs)
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