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"Knight of the Willblade"
Season 2, Episode 30
S2E30 Lok Willblade Wilder Sophie Cherit Dendras Incubane Kagami
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"Cave of the Casterwills"
"Chasing Void"
Production Information
Air date UK: April 19, 2012
US: May 12, 2013
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Locations Avalon
Crystal Caves
New Information
Titans Divine Mirror Kagami
Spells Hidesight
Items Willblade
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Lok and the Huntik team are on the trail of Avalon. Sophie is drawn to a crystal cave, where she must prove herself to the Casterwill Elder, Nimue. Sophie learns she is a direct descendant of Lord Casterwill and bonds with the Titan she thought was lost, empowering her and turning her into Powerbonded Sabriel. Nimue promises to help her find Avalon and the Willblade.


Seeking the Willblade, the Huntik team finally reaches the mythical island of Avalon with some help from Nimue. However, the team is ambushed by the Organization and a new Titan in Wilder's possession, Divine Mirror Kagami which was found by Hoffman, who can turn a Titan's power against it. Lok and Sophie find the Willblade. Ambushed by Wilder, Lok must unlock the true power of the Willblade with help from the ancient Seeker, Lord Casterwill, to save Sophie.


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