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Holotome Profile: Kunoichi
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Yama-Titan Warrior ?
Size Average ?
Series Information
Users Santiago
First Appearance "Lok and the Betrayer"
Kunoichi is a four-eyed, ninja-warrior Yama-Titan. She wears blue and red armor and has long blue hair. Armed with a katana, Kunoichi is a fast and agile fighter. A Kunoichi Amulet is in the possession of Santiago.


Santiago acquired Kunoichi's Amulet at an unknown time.

Santiago invoked Kunoichi in the great battle at the Blood Spiral Base. Kunoichi defeated numerous Bazela's Insect Titans. S2E51

Later on in the battle, Kunoichi cut a hole in a Scramjet to rescue LeBlanche. Santiago, LeBlanche and Kunoichi then jumped to safety before the Scram-jet exploded. S2E52


Kunoichi can move quickly, being able to jump great distances. She can use a katana or use her martial arts to defeat her enemies.


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  • "Kunoichi" is the Japanese term for a female ninja.
  • Her summoning command is "Strike hard".
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