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Holotome Profile: Kyroptero
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 6
Type Litho-Titan
Size Large
Height 7 feet 9 inches
Weight 440 pounds
Series Information
First Appearance SAS-011
Kyroptero is a Litho-Titan that blends perfectly with the stone stalactites hanging from the ceilings of caves. Sometimes this Titan hides so well that he doesn't move for hours at a time.


Kyroptero is known to usually guard caves, easily blending in with the rock stalactites. SAS-011

Kyroptero has been used on the side of good. SAS-011


Kyroptero has the abilities of a bat, however its strategy is to disguise itself as a stalactite hanging from the ceilings of caves before he attacks enemy Seekers or Titans.

Design History

Rough Sketch

Oftentimes in caves, water drips from the ceiling for thousands of years, depositing tiny amounts of minerals. Over time, these minerals build up to create downward-pointing spikes called stalactites. The idea behind Kryoptero is that he’s a batlike spirit that can disguise himself to look like a stalactite, so enemy Seekers don’t notice him until it’s too late! In this sketch, he doesn’t look too much like a stalactite, so we asked the artist to make him taller and spikier. That way, when he hangs from the ceiling with his wings folded around him, he blends in.

Pencil Sketch

Much better! Now it looks like someone spotted him, and he’s opened up one wing so he can jump down and start a combat. We asked the artists to make him look aggressive, like he’s about to attack — it wouldn’t do for this spooky Titan to get caught taking a nap!

Final Art

There’s our guy! Look at those claws! And the glowing eyes! Definitely not the sort of thing you’d want to stumble upon in a dark place!


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  • Kyroptero's concept art and design history were revealed on the website by entering in Metagolem's code.
  • Kyroptero is based on word Chiroptera, the scientific order for bats.
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