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"Ladies' Choice"
Season 1, Episode 19
S1E19 Lok Dante Sophie Cherit cages.png
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"Memory Lane"
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Production Information
Air date UK: January 21, 2009
US: July 11, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Il titano Leggendario"
Series Information
Mission The Legendary Titan of Body
New Information
Characters Amazons
Hippolyta's mother (photo)
Titans Behemoth
Forest Queen Diana
Unnamed Titan 003 (Amulet only)
Spells Findshape

Paris, France

On the trail of legendary Lancelot, the Huntik team finds out he was the leader of one of the most important branches of the ancient Casterwill family.

Lancelot Mausoleum
Lok and Dante pass a series of tests that lead them to a showdown against diabolical Rassimov, who had been following them. Dante discovers a secret inscription revealing a Casterwill power able to fix Lok's father's precious diary.


The Huntik team, under Metz' guidance, journeys to Turkey to recover the Ring of Behemoth from the Amazons. After a series of mistaken intentions, the team find themselves pitted against the Amazons. However, the appearance of Rassimov and his men means that the team must intervene. During the conflict, a mysterious figure appears to invoke an ancient rite for leadership of the tribe.


Encountering the Amazons

The bedridden Metz gives Dante Vale a key and a map of the coasts of Turkey. He, Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, and Cherit fly to a forest in Turkey, where they believe that the Legendary Titan of Body, Behemoth, is guarded by a tribe of Amazons.

As they arrive, they are intercepted by a group of Amazons. Dante tells the others not to use their Titans, because they didn't know how the Amazons would react. Sophie, while trying to defend herself, uses Honorguard, revealing her powers as a Seeker. The Amazons immediately stop, surprised. The second in command deduces that Dante and Lok are her servants. Lok begins to protest, but Dante covers his mouth, saying that they are indeed Sophie's servants.

Mistaken Intentions

The Amazons lead the team to their fortress, where the Foundation members learn the story of Hippolyta and her mother. In an attempt to learn about the mechanism hidden in the statue of Forest Queen Diana, Lok is caught by one of the Amazons, who calls the others, leading the Amazons to believe that they are there for evil reasons.

The Amazons then keep Dante, Lok, and Cherit captive in a cage hanging on a tree, with Sophie bound with numerous ropes in another cage. Dante then reveals that the lie about being Sophie's servants was part of his plan to keep them from receiving the same treatment as Sophie. Lok calls Springer to untie Cherit and Sophie, and Dante calls Metagolem to break the cages.

Vying for Power

Dante's team returns back to the village, where Rassimov and a team of suits already are in battle with the Amazons. Meanwhile, a mysterious hooded woman appears, and performs the ritual of the Amazons, subsequently demanding a combat with Hippolyta for the leadership of the tribe. After an easy win and gaining the Legendary Titan of Body, Behemoth, this woman reveals herself to be Zhalia Moon and gives the Ring to Dante Vale. Upon Behemoth's invocation, Rassimov and his Suits abort the mission.

Metz's Past

In thanks, Hippolyta then shows the Foundation team a trunk, which is unlocked with Metz's key. Inside were a wedding photo of Metz and Hippolyta's mother outside the Notre Dame cathedral and a wedding dress.

The mission completed, Dante's team return to Metz's rural estate in Germany to give him the picture, giving him a boost to his willpower. Zhalia reveals herself as a spy to Metz, who decides to accept her as an official Foundation member. Finally, Metz begins to tell Lok about knowing Eathon Lambert.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Behemoth - Legendary Titan of Body
Attack 7
Defense 4
Type Legendary Warrior
Size Colossal
Special Ability Earthshaker
Behemoth Icon.jpg

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