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Holotome Profile: Lastedge
S1E16 Lastedge
Spell Information
Aura Yellow
Class Protective
Series Information
Users Klaus
First Appearance "The Bookshop Hunter"
Lastedge is a magical defense engineered by Klaus that forms a protective, yellow net around the caster. Running along this net are numerous spines containing a toxin that can induce blindness.


Lastedge was created by Klaus as one of his many experiments for the Organization and was based on the the Peruvian spinning-door trap. S1E16

A version of Lastedge possessing a red aura was used by Klaus to protect himself and a young Zhalia Moon. OAL-081

When Dante Vale's team infiltrated Klaus' bookshop, Lastedge was used by Klaus to protect himself from Dante and to introduce its toxin at close range. This defense also was used to protect Klaus from Dante's Freelancer and from Lok Lambert before being removed by Dante by grabbing the wire between the spines. S1E16


  • Despite the toxin's ability to cause blindness, Lastedge caused no such effects to Lok when he was injected with the toxin.
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