Holotome Profile: Legion
Base Stats
Attack 6
Defense 4
Type Legendary Warrior/Sorcerer
Special Ability Titan Absorption
Series Information
Users The Betrayer
First Appearance "Rassimov's Secret"
Last Appearance "The Spiral Mark"
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Legion is the dark Legendary Titan of War, whose power allows him to absorb other Titans and use their power at his own will.


Throughout eons, Legion had absorbed thousands of Titans, including an Icarus and a Feyone Titan. S2E47

His Amulet was eventually given to Rassimov by the Betrayer and hidden deep within his body to avoid detection. S2E47

After Dante Vale used Sorrowbond to take all of Rassimov's Titans, he revealed his secret and invoked Legion. After sustaining multiple attacks from Dante, Umbra, Lok Lambert and the Willblade, it soon became clear Legion was no normal Titan. After being knocked into the sand by Powerbonded Lindorm, Legion recovered and, to everyone's horror, absorbed Lindorm, destroying his Amulet. He then defeated Powerbonded Kipperin as Lok attempted to invoke Pendragon. Dante attempted to lead Rassimov away with the Necklace of Tutankhamun but this was snatched by Solwing who sought to allow the team time to escape. Legion then caught up with Solwing and absorbed him, destroying his Amulet much Dante's sadness. S2E47

The team were still feeling distressed following Legion's attack whilst recovering at Lok's home in Country Kerry, Ireland. Dante, in particular, was still exhausted from the battle. S2E48

Rassimov invoked Legion again at the battle at the Spiral Mark where he fought Lok's Dendras and Sophie's Feyone. He used Lindorm's Spinnerslash ability to attack them. After nearly absorbing Powerbonded Baselaird, Legion partially absorbed Dendras and and attempted to absorb Feyone. However, he was defeated by Lok Lambert who used the Willblade to destroy Legion's Amulet. With his destruction, all of the Titans that he had absorbed over the ages were released back to the Spirit World. S2E50


Legion can absorb other Titans through his Titans Absorption ability in order to use the absorbed Titan's abilities and make himself stronger. When a Titan has been absorbed, its Amulet will completely disintegrate and the Titan's icon will appear on Legion's chest. S2E47 If Legion's Amulet is destroyed, the Titans he had absorbed will be released and returned to the Spirit World. S2E50

Titans Absorbed


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  • His summoning command is "Unleash".
  • Legion's name may be derived from a group of demons that possessed a man that Jesus later healed according to the gospels of Mark and Luke in the Christian Bible. His appearance is based on that of Frankestein's monster.
  • Legion, along with Overlos and Pendragon, is one of the few Legendary Titans not to be contained in a Ring.
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