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Holotome Profile: Lilith
The Queen
Lilith profile.jpg
Base Stats
Attack ?
Defense ?
Type Hecto-Titan
Special Ability Flight
Series Information
Users Shauna
First Appearance "The Phoenix's Ashes"

Lilith the Queen is a demonic Hecto-Titan who takes the form of an Egyptian queen. Her eight mummified legs and bat-like wings grant her speed both in the air and on the ground. She is the strongest Titan in the possession of Shauna.


Lilith the Queen was invoked by Shauna in Phoenix's volcano after Ash was defeated by being thrown into the lava by Baselaird. Lilith threw Baselaird on the ground, but she was sent back to her Amulet by Lok Lambert using the Willblade. S2E45

Lilith again was invoked by Shauna at the Spiral Mark to fight against Powerbonded Caliban. Lilith ceased her attacks, as did Caliban, when Void was invoked.


Lilith is capable of fast flight, and her many legs offer her speed on the ground. She can use her long nails as weapons as well as make a long, javelin-like protrusion extend from her palm to be used as a weapon. S2E45


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  • Lilith's summoning command is "Defy all".
  • Lilith the Queen is based on the mythological Lilith, a demoness created before Eve who was a prior wife to Adam. According to this myth, she refused to accept Adam as head over her and left the Garden of Eden before Eve's creation. This Lilith may have had her origins in a demigoddess of Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology.