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Holotome Profile: Lin Storm
S2E43 Lin Storm
Biographical Information
Relations Master Storm (grandfather)
Base of Operations Taihang Mountains, China
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
First Appearance "Lok's Leadership"

Lin Storm is the granddaughter of Master Storm and lives in the Taihang Mountains of China.


Lin was trained alongside Dante Vale by her grandfather. S2E43


Although at first Lin acted very suspiciously, tough and even violent, she later revealed herself to be rather friendly. Neverthless, she is still not the person to mess with, as during the fight she gets alert and ready to stand her ground. She is very proud of her origin and family and respect her grandfather. However, she also appreciates other strong people. She seems to have a crush on Dante, as she compliments him and brings back memories from their previous meeting.


Lin is an accomplished martial artist, able to hold her own against Dante Vale, as well as assist in his training. She can use Seeker powers. Her spells are associated with knife-throwing, at which she excels.

Spells Utilized



  • The name Lin means "grove" or "wood" in Chinese.
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