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Holotome Profile: Lodestone
Artifact Information
Item Type Stone
Effects Anti-magic field
Series Information
User(s) Casterwill family
First Appearance "The Dead Magic Island"

The Lodestone is an ancient three-sided stone that can create an anti-magic field to negate magic, preventing the casting of spells and invocation of Titans.


The Lodestone was left by the Casterwill family in a hidden underground passage on an uninhabited Indonesian island, to cause a drought of magic around Phoenix Volcano, the resting place of the Legendary Titan of Rebirth, Phoenix. It was guarded by several Stone Golems, a defense mechanism controlled by the Lodestone. S2E44

Years later, the Huntik team, on the trail of Phoenix, followed Nostradamus' quatrain "The stone with three sides threatens all". Tersly and Sophie assumed the stone must the Lodestone. After attempting to navigate their way through the labyrinth, the Huntik team returned to the entrance where the Lodestone had been the entire time. Lok was able to break the stone, albeit using one of the Golems, and summon the Willblade, defeating the guardians and saving the team. S2E44 Using the fact that the Blood Spiral were unaware of the Lodestone's deactivation to their advantage, the team were able to launch a surprise attack on Shauna and Wind. S2E45

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