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"Lok's Leadership"
Season 2, Episode 43
Harrison Antedeluvian PB Kaioh Lindorm Sabriel S2E43
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"The Power of Umbra"
"The Dead Magic Island"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 15, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "La leadership di Lok"
Series Information
Mission Vampire Hunter
Locations Castle of Vlad Dracul
Taihang Mountains, China
New Information
Characters Lin Storm
Master Storm
Powerbondings Powerbonded Antedeluvian
Spells Bloodrank
Items Heart of Vlad Dracul
Den befriends a Native American Seeker and is given a new Titan, Kaioh the Tracker. Wilder makes his return and captures the Huntik team as they explore the Vault of Cortés. Things look grim, but Dante saves everyone by bonding with the Legendary Titan of Dimensions, Umbra - the Shadow Jaguar.


Dante Vale is away on a trip to China, so Lok Lambert is left in charge of the team. On a mission to take down the wild Titan, Antedeluvian, the team head to Vlad Dracul's Castle in Romania. With their back-up missing, the team charge right in and face Harrison, who is growing stronger. After realizing that Tantras inntends to harness the power of the Heart of Vlad Dracul and activate the Spiral Mark. Determined to stop him, Lok, Sophie Casterwill, Den Fears and Cherit battle against Harrison's secret weapon: Powerbonded Antedeluvian.


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