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Holotome Profile: Lok's dormitory
Loks dorm.png
Location Information
Type Dormitory
Location Venice
Series Information
Inhabitants Lok Lambert
First Appearance A Seeker is Born

Lok Lambert's dormitory is where Lok Lambert resided while attending Venice Preparation Academy, which is only a few blocks away. Due to Lok's lifestyle, the dorm is constantly messy with remnants of puzzles Lok had completed lying on his desk. A high shelf runs around the entire room, on this Lok has kept various artifacts, some collected by his father. One of these artifacts had concealed Eathon's journal and Kipperin's amulet. Lok also used this shelf to store his unopened text books.

It was here that Lok became a Seeker, dicovered his father's journel, made friends with Sophie Casterwill and was first attacked by the Organization, all of which happened within a few seconds of each other. After being attacked, Lok's dorm was considered to be too unsafe for him to live.

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