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"I finally got a clue about my father, and it was taken away from me… all because of you freaks!"
- Lok Lambert, to DeFoe's Suits (A Seeker is Born)

"Dante doesn't look like he's about to fight. It looks like he's solving a puzzle... and this guy's the puzzle!"
- Lok Lambert to Cherit (The Casterwill Client)

"You're a legend? In your own mind!"
- Lok Lambert to Sophie Casterwill (Into the River of Secrets)

"Are you saying I have commitment issues?"
- Lok Lambert to Sophie Casterwill (The Treasures of the Argonauts)

"Alright! Transylvania here we come!"
- Lok Lambert (The Vampire Loses its Fangs)

" Sophie, I know we're from different worlds, sort of like Salomon and Sheba. I don't want us to end up like them, never having a be together."
- Lok Lambert confessing his love to Sophie Casterwill (To Be Together)

"No holding back! Lindorm!"
- Lok Lambert, invoking Lindorm

"Some things are bigger than you and your brother."
- Lok Lambert to Den Fears about fighting the Blood Spiral (Boys Will Be Seekers)

"Forget what Lucas said. My dad's clues pointed us here. He knew you can do it and I trust him."
- Lok Lambert comforting Sophie Casterwill during the Trial of Courage (Sophie on Trial)

"LeBlanche, Santiago... we're all here because we know you can do it!"
- Lok Lambert to Sophie Casterwill during the Trial of Courage (Sophie on Trial)

"Now let's see if your real brother takes the news as well as the fake one."
- Lok Lambert to Sophie Casterwill after she passes the Trial of Courage (Sophie on Trial)

"Special delivery! Who ordered one Casterwill Princess?"
- Lok Lambert to Casterwills after he and Sophie Casterwill return with Mythras (The Spiral War)

"There's only three of us and they've got an army!"
- Lok Lambert to Dante Vale and Den Fears, about the Blood Spiral army (The Spiral War)

"Now last time I checked Sophie was looking for some support from her family."
- Lok Lambert to the Casterwills (The Spiral War)

"Sophie, you gave us a little scare back there at the Volcano, but I knew you could do it all along"
- Lok Lambert to Sophie Casterwill (The Phoenix's Ashes)

"Dante wouldn't have sacrificed himself if he didn't believe we can do it without him! He had a plan get it! We're the plan! The Huntik Foundation and the Casterwills are the plan! Everyone, we can fight! We can win!"
- Lok Lambert's speech at the Spiral Mark(Lok and the Betrayer)
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