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"Lok and the Betrayer"
Season 2, Episode 51
S2E51 Demigorgan King Basilisk.png
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"The Spiral Mark"
"Dante's Return"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 29, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Lok e il traditore"
Series Information
Locations Blood Spiral Base
Spiral Mark,
Siberian Plateau
New Information
Titans Demigorgan
Powerbondings Powerbonded Vigilante
Spells Shocklash

In the final battle, Dante defeats Rassimov one-on-one while Lok and Sophie destroy Legion. Following Nostradamus's clue, Lok drives the Willblade into the Spiral Mark to destroy it. But it's a trick by the Betrayer and Lok dooms everyone. To save the world from Comet, Dante sacrifices himself.


The Betrayer returns to life and attacks, crippling the Huntik Foundation with the news of Dante's death. Zhalia makes a confession and pushes Harrison to act.


Brothers at War

Harrison and Zhalia are shocked when Den arrives in the throne room. As the gravity in the room crumbles, the brothers fight, with Antedeluvian and Cursed Archer being summoned. Harrison gets the upper hand, but just as Den is ready to give up, Vigilante powerbonds with him, reminding him not to let his friends down.

Den proceeds to overpower Harrison, knocking the Amulet of Bazela's Hive from his hand. He calls for Zhalia to invoke her Harlekin, but they are interrupted by a cave in caused by the ascension of the Betrayer's corpse. Zhalia invokes Kilthane and they carry brothers to safety.

Lok Rallies the Troops

As the Huntik Foundation and Casterwill family arrive on the Scramjets, the Betrayer returns to life. Sophie vows that together they will stop him but the Betrayer responds by revealing that their strongest, Dante, is dead. Zhalia breaks down upon hearing the news while the Huntik Foundation are drained of their will to fight. Lok is angered as the Betrayer jests how Dante's sacrifice amounts to nothing as he can activate the Spiral Mark with his own powers. Lok storms forward and creates a wave of blue energy, contacting the scramjets and reminding everyone that Dante truly believed they could win the battle without him. Summoning the Willblade, Lok leads them into battle.

Foundation & Casterwills Vs Spirals

As the Scramjets move in, the Betrayer hits Lok from behind with Shocklash, knocking him off a cliff. Picking up Harrison's dropped Amulet, he then invokes Bazela's Hive, releasing hundreds of Bazela's Insects to carry his soldiers into battle. The Silent Soldiers and Casterwill Hunters invoke Harlekin and Psikofen. Sophie finds an injured Lok among the rocks and invokes Enfluxion to protect them from the surrounding Spirals.

In the midst of battle, Santiago summons Kunoichi while Sandra Lambert joins Scarlet on the battlefield, insisting she can't lose her son. Lucas and his team are defeated by Wind while Shauna knocks out White and Mallory. Before she can finish them off, she is stopped by Vivian Casterwill who invokes Mythras. Clements works hurriedly to analyze the Spiral's energy while Billie and Melee Artist are helped by Nasher and Guggenheim. Fenris saves Scarlet from a Nighlurker and Montehue is impressed when Firbolg, in turn, saves Fenris from a Marauder. Lok invokes Baselaird who battles and defeats a pair of Marauder Titans.

Demigorgan Revealed

Cherit manages to recover Eathon's Holotome and bring it to Lok but they are startled when it attacks them with a wave of energy. The Betrayer reveals that he was impersonating Lok's father on the Holotome, planted by Rassimov on the night of the Professor's defeat. It is, in reality, Demigorgan, the Legendary Titan of Betrayal. Lok and Sophie are speechless and blasted down a pit by Demigorgan.

Desperate to save her friends, Zhalia tearfully reveals her true identity to Harrison, leaving him stunned, before rushing off to fight the Betrayer and invoking King Basilisk. Harrison is broken as he realizes he has been fighting on the wrong side. Desperate to save a helpless Zhalia, he uses Powermark to sacrifice Kilthane, re-energizing him and reviving Den, who he begs for help. The brothers come to Zhalia's rescue and attack the Betrayer, standing side by side at last.


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