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Holotome Profile: Lord Casterwill
Lord casterwill alive
Biographical Information
Relations Elder daughter of Casterwill
Elder son of Casterwill
Younger daughter of Casterwill
Younger son of Casterwill
Champion of Casterwill
Casterwill family
Group Affiliation(s) Casterwill family
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
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Lord Casterwill was the first known Seeker in history and the ancestor of the powerful group of Seekers within the Casterwill family. Casterwill is best known for his leading the 500-year war against the Nullifiers and his bringing the Titans to Earth from Huntik. He was the original Seeker of the Legendary Titans. Many other details of his life, however, subsequently were lost to history.


Casterwill was the original and first Seeker responsible for bringing the Titans to Earth from the Spirit World, Huntik, in order to battle and defeat the Nullifiers. S1E14 At some point in the conflict, Casterwill called for the assistance of Cherit. S1E18 At another point in the conflict, Casterwill was betrayed by an old friend, who would became known as the Betrayer, who planned to summon the Nullifiers back to Earth on the longest night of year with Void S2E31

Casterwill took 500 years to defeat the Nullifiers and to seal the Spiral Mark with the Willblade. S2E50 When he finally did so, Casterwill died right where he was standing. S1E21 Lord Casterwill's legacy was passed on to his sons and daughters, who each received a Legendary Titan to fight against the great evil that the Betrayer wished to resurrect. S2E50


Casterwill was the original owner of the Amulet of Will and the original Seeker bonded to the Legendary Titans as well as Cherit. Such powers permitted him to outlive normal human beings and to fight the Nullifiers for a full 500 years, maintaining himself alive for sheer force of will. S1E21 In addition to his Titans, Casterwill and his descendants were capable of powerful and unique Casterwill spells, including curses, barriers, powerful offensive magic, and even the power to seal and unlock the Spiral Mark at will with the aid of the Willblade.

Bonded Titans


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