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Holotome Profile: Madea
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 1
Type Krono-Titan Enchanter
Size Average
Height 6 feet 9 inches
Weight 290 pounds
Special Ability Project Illusion
Spellbinding Charm
Series Information
Users Jason
First Appearance "The Beautiful Trap"

Madea is a Krono-Titan illusionist of mythology. Her illusion abilities are able to conceal her true form as a Titan, allowing her to appear and speak as a normal human being. In her true form, her lower half resembles that of a turtle with four flippers and a hard shell.


This Titan played an important role in inspiring several ancient Greek tragedies. According to mythology, she used her magic to trick enemies and to save the hero, Jason, from a dragon. Wikipedia

Jason's Madea

Madea was rumored to have been one of the Titans used by the Greek hero, Jason of the Argonauts. She was later found by Dante Vale's team and was still active on Madea Island disguised as a human. Though her Amulet was obtained by Dante Vale's team, Madea was too unstable for anyone in the team to bond with her Amulet. S1E11

Paola's Madea

A Madea Amulet was in the possession of Paola, the overseer of a Huntik Foundation sanctuary. LGS-038


Madea ability of illusion can trap her enemies in an illusion of her choice. These illusions may range from simple tactics against Titans to complex illusions to target a Seeker's hopes or fears. Due to these powers, she is known as being able to confuse the minds of even trained Seekers and this makes her a dangerous opponent. While in her human form, she is even capable of speech like Cherit, a rare ability for Titans. S1E11


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  • Madea is based on Medea, the granddaughter of Helios and the wife of Jason. She used both magic and deception to assist Jason.
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