The Madea Island Library article is about the Library with the puzzle that Lok's father left behind. For the Library with the Casterwill legacies, see Madea Island Casterwill Library.

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Holotome Profile: Madea Island Library
Madea Island Library whit puzzle
Location Information
Type Library
Location Madea Island
Series Information
Inhabitants Young Madea Island inhabitant (formerly)

Madea Island Library is a Library on Madea Island to where a girl brings Lok. According to that girl, Lok's father left a puzzle behind, what could be a message from him to Lok. After a while of trying to solve it and failing, he thinks the puzzle is no fun at all, and realizes that it is not from his dad. Lok becomes angry and uses an unknown spell that hits her and Madea Island Library vanishes along with the girl.

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