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Holotome Profile: Magic
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Magic Information
Effects Energy manipulation
Source Huntik
Aura Colors
White-aura Green-aura
Pink-aura Blue-aura
Red-aura Indigo-aura
Orange-aura Violet-aura
Yellow-aura Black-aura

Magic is one of the primary abilities of a Seeker and allows the user to cast a variety of spells or powers. Amulets, as well as other artifacts, often are infused with various forms of magical properties. Such magic spells have a variety of uses and effects to affect either the caster or another target.

Blood Spiral Magic

Spells used by the Blood Spiral tend to be a darker form of magic and focus on the manipulation of shadows and darkness. A similar type of spells are used by members of the Organization, although those spells do not tend to have as dark a nature and are usually weaker. most of their spells are used to invoke fear

Casterwill Magic

Spells used by the Casterwill family tend to require a vast amount of training and focus on the manipulation of light and life. They are antithetical to the spells used by the Blood Spiral.

Magical Traps

Powerful Seekers may set magical traps to protect valuable artifacts, and these protections can even last for centuries. Powerful artifacts may be protected with a curse which only a powerful, strong-willed Seeker will be able to break. Although a safeguard by nature, these traps tend to have very adverse effects against intruders.

Spell Classes

  • Anti-magic - Anti-magic spells are used to counteract another form of magic such as negating a magical trap or enemy spell.
  • Bubble - Bubble spells are used to form a bubble of energy that can then be used to manipulate the target or to slow descent.
  • Conjuring - Conjuring spells are one of the less-common type of magic and are used to summon Titans or magical artifacts.
  • Fist - Fist spells create a magical covering to increase the force from hand-to-hand combat.
  • Mental - Mental spells directly affect the target's mind and thoughts. Several of these spells are used to create illusions.
  • Portal - Portal spells are used to bend the fabric of space-time
  • Projectile - Projectile spells are used to fire a bolt or beam of energy at the opponent.
  • Protective - Protective spells are used to shield against attacks or environmental extremes.
  • Restrictive - Restrictive spells are used to impede the movement of the target or to bind an opponent.
  • Sensory - Sensory spells are used to directly affect one of the major senses of the target such as sight or hearing.
  • Speed - Speed spells are used for a momentary increase in speed or agility.
  • Vitality - Vitality spells are used to directly affect the target's health. Often, these spells are used for healing or for temporary power boosts.