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Holotome Profile: Marduk
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Blood Spiral
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Series Information
First Appearance "Zhalia's Mission"
Last Appearance "Words from Eathon"

Marduk is a member of the Blood Spiral and serves as Kiel's tracker. Whereas Kiel brings the firepower, Marduk brings the stealth to their operations. His Blood Spiral mark is located on his right shoulder and is normally covered by his shirt, further assisting his going unnoticed.


Marduk was with Kiel when he burned down the house of Sophie and Lucas Casterwill, killing their parents. S2E40

Marduk rescued Kiel when he called for his Casterwill Hunters in Medusa's Cave and attempted to stop the Huntik Foundation team from retrieving Medusa's Amulet S2E35

Upon the Blood Spiral ascertaining the location of Focauld Casterwill, Marduk and Kiel went after Focauld's knowledge of the Casterwill family. The Huntik team, however, intervened and saved Focauld's Knowledgelock crystal from falling into the hands of the Spiral.  S2E37

Marduk later tried to stop Den Fears and Lok Lambert from activating the Blue Star while Kiel attempted to take on Dante Vale and Sophie Casterwill. Their attempts, however, failed.  S2E38

Tantras asked him about the location of the Casterwills.  S2E39 Shortly thereafter, Marduk fought alongside the Blood Spiral in the assault on the Fortress of Iron Will. He gave chase to Santiago but later retreated when given the order by Tantras.  S2E40

Later, Marduk spoke with ShaunaWind, and Rassimov after the Huntik team retrieved Rassimov's secret files from his tenure within the Organization S2E46

With the longest night of the year nearly at hand, Marduk was commanded by Rassimov to stop the Huntik team, after receiving orders from the Betrayer himself. Though he tracked down and ambushed the team he fought against Dante and Lok, Lok then used the Willblade to defeat Marduk.  S2E49


Marduk is an obedient follower. He is very observant and confident in his abilities. As a tracker, he also is calm and patient, as when one of the Casterwill Hunters told him to charge and destroy the Huntik team, Marduk ordered him to wait until they were in a corner so that they would be unable to escape. S2E49


S2E37 Marduk invokes Cerberus

Marduk invokes Cerberus

As Kiel's chief tracker, Marduk possesses outstanding tracking and agility abilities, being able to locate his targets with ease. His tracking abilities even permit him to seek out people who are in hiding, as when he tracked down the whereabouts of Focauld Casterwill. S2E37 As a Seeker, most of his abilities revolve around tracking and pyrotechnics. He commonly uses his Midnight Rook Titan to locate his targets and his Cerberus Titan to attack his enemies.


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  • Marduk's name comes from the Mesopotamian god, Marduk, known variably as the patron god of Babylon, a storm god, and the king of the Babylonian pantheon of gods.
  • Marduk Titans (aside from Psikofen) are animals, properly suiting his profession as a tracker.
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