Holotome Profile: Mason
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 3
Type Litho-Titan
Special Ability Flight
Series Information
First Appearance LGS-037
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Mason is a Litho-Titan who is a torso that moves via self-propulsion. His body is made up of stone bricks, and his arm is capable of firing energy blasts.


Mason once took on a group of Suits, including Mr. Mactavish and unnamed Suit 002, who were hiding behind a wall. However, Mason blasted through and revealed the Suits before taking them down. LGS-037


Mason possesses a lot of physical strength and arms that can fire energy blasts. He can easily break through the walls of a house. Like Metagolem, he is best used when his Seeker in great danger and has nothing left to do. In addition, Mason is able to fly.


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  • Mason's name is derived from the word mason which means one who works with stone.
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