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Holotome Profile: Master Storm
S2E43 Master Storm.png
Biographical Information
Relations Lin Storm (granddaughter)
Base of Operations Taihang Mountains, China
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
First Appearance "Lok's Leadership"

Master Storm is a master of martial arts who taught Dante Vale in his youth. The grandfather of Lin Storm and an old friend of Metz, he lives in the Taihang Mountains of China.


Master Storm taught Dante Vale in his youth, alongside Lin Storm, training them both intensely on a daily basis. He was good friends with Metz whom the Master called a "daredevil and a lady-killer". S2E43

Many years later, Dante returned to Master Storm, deeply troubled by Arc's prophecy of his death and wanting to be ready to meet his fate head-on. Master Storm oversaw an intense training session, teaching Dante new moves, before teaching him his strongest power, Copykind, which allows a Seekers to borrow the abilities of his Titans. Dante's lesson was interrupted by an urgent call from Metz, leading him to invoke Umbra. Master Storm was amazed to see a Legendary Titan before his eyes. Dante then use Copykind to use Umbra's ability to teleport to the Castle of Vlad Dracul. S2E43


Master Storm is an incredibly powerful Seeker whose training techniques are the most gruelling but also the most effective. His most powerful spell is Copykind.

Spells Utilized


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