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Holotome Profile: Medusa's Cave
S2E35 Medusas Cave
Location Information
Type Cave
Location Medusa's Island, Aegean Sea
Series Information
Inhabitants Medusa (formerly)
First Appearance "Zhalia's Mission"
The Medusa's Cave is a large cavern hidden away on Medusa's Island. For many years, the cave was home to the deadly Titan Medusa and a large sculpture of the Gorgon sisters which could invoke the Titan.


The cave was located by Stack whilst on a mission to recover the Titan for Kiel and the Blood Spiral. Unbeknownst to them, they were being scouted by Zhalia Moon. After reaching the large statue of the three Gorgon sisters, Stack awakened Medusa and attempted to contain her using Divine Mirror Kagami. At the same time, Kiel was ambushed and taken prisoner by Metagolem and the Huntik team. The situation spiraled however when Marduk and the Casterwill Hunters arrived and in the ensuing battle, Lok Lambert and Zhalia Moon managed to solve the riddle of Gorgon sisters and chase the light of their shared eye to Lok, recovering Medusa. The Huntik team then made a swift exit while Kiel returned to Tantras with Stack as his prisoner. S2E35


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