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Holotome Profile: Medusa's Island
Medusas Island
Location Information
Type Island
Location Aegean Sea
Series Information
Inhabitants Medusa (formerly)
First Appearance "Zhalia's Mission"
Medusa's Island is an island located in the Aegean Sea. The Medusa's Cave is hidden here which, for many years, was home to the Titan Medusa.


The Huntik team traveled by boat to Medusa's Island on their mission Medusa's Trap to obtain the deadly Titan Medusa. The Organization also took an interest in the Titan with Stack offering to deliver her to the Kiel and the Blood Spiral as part of Wilder's plan to infiltrate them. After reaching the shore of the island, Dante Vale, Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill fought and defeated Wilder, Hoffman and the Suits while Zhalia Moon scouted ahead to determine the location of Medusa's Cave. After Lok recovered Medusa's Amulet, the team left the island while Kiel and his Casterwill Hunters returned to Tantras with Stack as their prisoner. S2E35


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  • The appearance of the island is similar to that of Madea Island.
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