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"Memory Lane"
Season 1, Episode 18
S1E18 Darkvoid Rassimov Cavalier
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"The Vampire Loses
its Fangs
"Ladies' Choice"
Production Information
Air date UK: January 20, 2009
US: July 4, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Mission The Mausoleum of
Sir Lancelot
Locations The Professor's castle
Casterwill Library
Cathedral of Notre Dame
Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot
New Information
Characters Dellix
Unnamed Suit 040
Unnamed Suit 041
Unnamed Suit 042
Unnamed Suit 043
Titans Cavalier
Spells Auraforce
Magical Traps Ghost Trap
Path of Trust
Tests of Sir Lancelot
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Vlad's Castle, Romania
The Huntik team searches Vlad Dracul's Castle in order to lay hand on Titans which once belonged to evil Count Vlad, but the team splits and Klaus orders Zhalia to get rid of its members one by one. When all hope seems lost, Zhalia repents for her betrayal, leaving the Organization for good and helping our heroes.


Still recovering from Zhalia's betrayal, the team go after the Titan of Sir Lancelot, Cavalier. While Sophie and Cherit investigate a library for clues about it while Lok and Dante start the quest for the Titan. They pass many challenges but somehow feel that they're being helped. When they find the Titan, they find that Rassimov has been sent to collect the Titan, and the team are horrified at Rassimov's Darkvoid ability.


Memories Forgotten

During a daydream, Cherit remembers centuries back to the time of Lord Casterwill when Cherit's fur was still orange in color. Casterwill faced against an evil creature, uttering the syllables "Sen Ten Gon" before calling Cherit to his side.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Cavalier
Attack 3
Defense 2
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Flight
Flame Swords
Cavalier Icon
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