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Holotome Profile: Metagolem
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 5
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Height 14 feet 3 inches
Weight 2800 pounds
Special Ability Stun
Series Information
Users Jodis Lore
Dante Vale
First Appearance "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"

Metagolem is an incredibly powerful Titan, but he can be difficult to summon unless his Seeker is in great danger. Confirmed equivalent Titans to Metagolem include the aquatic Coralgolem, the larger Undergolem, the experimental Brahe, and the smaller Chaingolem.


Metagolem Titans inspired the Jewish myth of the golem, creatures of clay endowed with life, although the modern folklore may refer to any creature brought to life through magic. According to legend, a weak Seeker once summoned a Metagolem Titan which, unable to be controlled, nearly destroyed an entire city. source? Jodis Lore obtained one such Amulet, and at some point hid it within a vase in the Golem's Attic in Prague, Czech Republic. S1E03 In the Czech Republic, Metagolem came to be known for defending the Jews living within Prague.

Eventually, Dante Vale uncovered Jodis Lore's Metagolem Amulet while looking following a clue left in Eathon's journal. S1E03 After bonding, Dante has since used this Titan in battle during rough situations. S1E12 Dante once hid Metagolem under the sand to surprise Grier when they fought on Sutos Island. S1E12


Metagolem has an attack power of 5 and a defense power of 6. Being a Titan made almost entirely out of rock, he is extremely durable. This grants Metagolem immense amounts of physical strength in conjunction to its large size. Unfortunately this also makes him very slow. As such, he is usually called upon by Dante for heavy jobs.

Design History

Metagolem was designed to be a large, powerful Titan made of dense rock. Though originally imagined as brutish and even clumsy, his design was tweaked to be much more impressive. He also was given gold-accented armor.


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  • The word golem comes from the Hebrew word gelem which means “raw material,” as the mythical golem was made from clay. The same word may also be used to mean "soulless body" as the golem required a pure soul to guide it.
  • Metagolem's summoning commands include "Lend us strength, "'Do your worst," "Get ready," "Ready for battle," and "Demolition time". In Season 2, his sole command is "Clear the way".
  • His code to unlock him at CW4KIDS and was METAGOLEM95.