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Holotome Profile: Mindrone
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 2
Type Swara-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 6 feet 10 inches
Weight 160 pounds
Special Ability Mindzap
Series Information
Users Charlene Hubbs
Unnamed Suit 001
Unnamed Suit 002
Unnamed Suit 003
Unnamed Suit 004
Unnamed Suit 013
Unnamed Suit 016
Unnamed Suit 043
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"

Mindrone is a bipedal Swara-Titan with a prominent, single red eye taking the place of its face and two wiry appendages protruding from its back. Mindrone is related to the power-equivalent Terrapede Titans and to the weaker Enforcer Titans. As this sadistic Titan enjoys making people suffer, Mindrone as well as its related Titans are commonly used by the Suits of the evil Organization for both combat and as spies.


Mactavish's Mindrone

After the Organization's Suits attacked Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill at Lok's dormitory, Mindrone was sent to follow them. After DeFoe granted his Suits permission to use their Amulets, Mactavish's Mindrone stopped following Lok and attacked him, using its Mindzap ability while Lok was in a phone booth. When the Suits cornered Lok, Mactavish's Mindrone was defeated by Dante Vale. S1E01

Suit 003's Mindrone

This Suit's Mindroe was invoked in an attempt by Suit 003 and Suit 004 to capture Sophie Casterwill for interrogation. Mindrone, however, was defeated by Sophie and Santiago. S1E01

Suit 004's Mindrone

This Suit's Mindrone was invoked in an attempt by Suit 004 and Suit 003 to capture Sophie Casterwill for interrogation. Mindrone, however, was defeated by Sophie and Santiago. S1E01

Hubbs' Mindrone

Hubbs invoked her Mindrone at the Golem's Attic to attack Lok Lambert but it was defeated by his Freelancer. S1E03

DeFoe's Mindrone

DeFoe invoked his Mindrone to attack Dante Vale alongside Gar-Ghoul in the hull of the shipwreck. After being overpowering, DeFoe was forced to admit defeat and his Mindrone retreated. S1E10

Ford's Mindrone

Ford's Mindrone fought alongside Caliban against Lee Roy's Enforcer and a pair of Redcap Titans. HM#15


Mindrone enjoys making others suffer. SAS-042 His Mindzap ability creates optical laser blasts which can burn or knock a weak opponent unconscious. Like insects, Mindrone Titans also have the ability to adhere to surfaces, clinging to them to travel or to ambush a target, nimbly moving across city walls. In addition, they can levitate in the air. S1E01 With its bionic eye, Mindrone is also able to transmit visual information to his Seeker's Tome, and due its silent nature, these Titans make great spies. S1E09


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  • Mindrone's name is most likely derived from the words mind and drone.
  • In Episode 7 - "The Legacy of Thor" when Dante gets Ignatius' Amulet, what appears to be a yellow Mindrone amulet with a blue gem is also in his drawer.