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Holotome Profile: Mindsight
S1E25 Zhalia Suit Mindsight
Spell Information
Aura Violet
Class Mental
Series Information
Users Grier
Zhalia Moon
First Appearance "Divide and Conquer"
Mindsight is an illusory spell used by Organization members that allows the target to read an enemy's mind and see their next move.


This spell was used by Zhalia Moon to foresee actions taken by a group of Suits to avoid and intercept their attacks during a battle in the Paris Catacombs whilst trying to escape with the supposed Ring of Arc. Mr. Mactavish recognized the powers as those of an Organization Seeker but rendered unconscious before he could continue. S1E06

Zhalia used the spell against Sophie Casterwill in the Castle of Vlad Dracul, allowing her to overpower her. S1E17

During the attack on the Professor's castle, Zhalia and an elite Suit both used the spell on each other, which let them to simultaneously dodge each other's attacks. S1E25

Zhalia used the spell against Sophie at the Vlad's Castle again, this time whilst posing as a Silent Soldier. S2E43

Grier used the spell whilst fighting Wilder in the Professor's private room. S2E46

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