Holotome Profile: Mjolnir
Artifact Information
Item Type Magical Hammer
Effects Unleashes devastating power
when spun and released
Source Forged from lightning
Series Information
User(s) Thor
First Appearance "Two Powers Become One"
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Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, is an incredibly heavy hammer, making it very difficult to wield. Despite its weight, when it is spun it charges with incredible electrical energy and then thrown, it releases devastating power that can send powerful Titans, such as Ymir, back to their Amulets.


Mjolnir was initially wielded by the Seeker Thor. It made him so powerful that he was worshiped as a god. It was made of pure lightning, according to Norse mythology. Tersly theorized that it was used by Lord Casterwill in the ancient war against the Nullifiers.

Mjolnir was finally uncovered by Montehue upon winning a contest with Dante to be the first to reach it. A few moments after Montehue grasped it, the hammer was much heavier than it should have been. Finally setting aside their rivalry, Dante and Montehue together managed to spin and throw Mjolnir into the chest of Ymir to instantly defeat the powerful Titan. S1E08 Mjolnir was borrowed from HQ by Momax and was later used to defeat Shakrit. S2E52


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