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Holotome Profile: Montehue
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Huntik Foundation
Base of Operations Post Street Museum
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Series Information
American Voice Actor Dan Green
First Appearance "The Legacy of Thor"

Montehue is the Huntik Foundation's second highest ranked Seeker. He is also a close friend of Dante Vale's having formed their friendship through a rivalry. Montehue's assistant, Tersly, tends to accompany Montehue on missions.


Montehue beats Dante in retrieving Mjolnir

Montehue, a devoted student of the history of war, was a treasure hunter, and he learned of his Seeker abilities when he and Dante raced to get an artifact in Death Valley. During the race, Dante gave him a Tolivane Amulet as a way of keeping things fair by sneaking it into his jacket pocket. As soon as his hand touched the Amulet, Montehue discovered the world of Seekers. S1E08

Montehue accompanied Dante on the mission to the Temple of Thor in Iceland to recover Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, despite Dante's wishes. S1E07 Inside the temple, Montehue saved Lok Lambert as the main room collapsed. He then told Lok of his and Dante's history and how they were friends through competition. Montehue managed to best Dante and win the prized hammer, Mjolnir, but, after listening to Lok, decided to set aside his rivalry in order to work with Dante and use the hammer to defeat Ymir. After escaping with the hammer, Montehue was given the Amulet of Fenris by Dante, who figured that Montehue's character was very close to that of the Titan's ancient Seeker, Thor. S1E08

Montehue later came to Dante's rescue outside King Solomon's mines, saving him from Chemosh. After working together to defeat the three colossi, he and Tersly joined the team as they ventured into the mines to retrieve the Ring of the Legendary Titan of Spirit, Tao, from within King Solomon's mines. Montehue helped Dante and Metagolem make a way through the trapped mines before bravely holding off the Organization while the team tried to enter the vault. After escaping from the Professor, Montehue battled alongside the team before Lok succeeded to invoke Tao. S1E23

Shortly after the fall of the Professor, Montehue took part in congratulating Dante and his team on the victory as well as celebrating a major victory for the Huntik Foundation. S1E26

Montehue and Tersly later assisted Dante's team on their mission to find the Legendary Titan, Phoenix. He fought beside Dante against the Casterwill Hunters before journeying into a labyrinth and destroying an anti-magic Lodestone. S2E44 He later held off the Blood Spiral forces to give Dante's team time to make their way into the Phoenix Volcano and retrieve the Legendary Ring. S2E45

Montehue grieves for Dante

On the longest night of year, Montehue joined a call between the Huntik Foundation Council and Dante's team to plan their offensive on the Spiral Mark. S2E49 He later joined Metz on the Scramjets to the Blood Spiral Base. S2E50 Montehue was left devastated when the Betrayer revealed that Dante was dead but, inspired by the words of Lok Lambert, he joined the Foundation and Casterwill family in their final battle against the Spirals. During the battle, he met Scarlet Byrne who appeared to make quite the impression on him. S2E51 Upon seeing Wind and Shakrit demolishing the Scramjets, Montehue climbed aboard and worked with Momax to launch Mjolnir into the Shakrit, defeating it and its Seeker. After the defeat of the Betrayer, Montehue was seen celebrating the victory with the rest of the Foundation and Casterwill members. One month later, Montehue returned to Spiral Mark as he and Clements tried to make sense of the data. However, unbeknownst to him, the Mark began to flash, calling out across the galaxy to something far away. S2E52


S2E44 Dante Montehue.png

Montehue is fiercely competitive, showing as such in his incredible confidence, viewing almost everything as a competition. He is however, honorable, jovial, very kindhearted and dependable despite coming second to Dante Vale in skill as a Seeker. His courage, also, is second to none, risking his life to save others and never hesitating to act when needed. S1E08 S2E52 He and Dante admire one another's skills greatly and make an exceptional team when fighting side by side. S2E44 His value for Dante as a friend was seen in his tearful reaction to news of his death. S2E51 Montehue also enjoys fighting as shown when he and Tersly were fighting a group of Silent Soldiers. He also seems happy that his assistant doesn't fight because that leaves more enemies for himself. S2E45 As a student of the history of war, Montehue has a passion for collecting historical artifacts for his museum collection. S1E23


Montehue and Fenris

Montehue is incredibly strong, utilizing two battle axes as his primary weapons in combat. His physical strength is great enough that he sometimes has difficulty controlling it and sometimes hurts others without meaning to do so. He also uses his Seeker abilities to cast spells which enhance his physical characteristics, such as the powerful Dragonfist. Unlike some other Seekers, Montehue rarely relies on his Titans in combat as he tends to prefer to fight with his own strength. However, his ability to master the wild Fenris has deeply impressed the team, showing that he is strong-willed and has great ability as a Seeker.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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