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Holotome Profile: Ms. Thorpe
Ms. Thorpe.jpg
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization (Suits)
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
First Appearance "A Seeker is Born"

Miss Thorpe is a Suit working for the Organization. She is one of the group's operatives working out of Venice, Italy.


Miss Thorpe attacked Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill to retrieve the Eathon's journal. She invoked a Redcap but was defeated when Lok hit her on the head with a stick outside of Dante Vale's house. S1E01

She guarded the Organization safehouse on the Road of Alchemists. She was then, however, knocked out by Powerbonded Sabriel. S2E31


Like most Suits, Thorpe was issued with the standard Organization Titans.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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